IMF calls for ‘urgent action’ to revive Palestinian economy

WASHINGTON, 15 Mar 2013 - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for “urgent action” to revitalize the deteriorating Palestinian economy suppressed by Israeli restrictions and political uncertainty.

The IMF said in a statement on Thursday that “urgent actions” are needed to “stabilize the Palestinian fiscal position and rekindle its economic growth over time.”


Palestinian dies of injuries suffered February 22

JERUSALEM, 15 Mar 2013 - Palestinian medical sources reported that a Palestinian man, identified as Mo’ayyad Nazeeh Ghazawna, 34, from the Al-Ram town, north of occupied East Jerusalem, died of wounds suffered, on February 22, after being struck in the chest by a gas bomb fired by Israeli soldiers as he was driving his Taxi.

Medical sources reported that Ghazawna suffocated and his heart stopped after being struck by the gas bomb, and was moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah.


Kes kematian Arafat belum selesai

GENEVA, 7 Mac 2013 (AFP) - Keputusan siasatan berhubung dakwaan bekas pemimpin Palestin, Yasser Arafat mati diracun tidak akan diketahui sehinggalah akhir bulan Mei ini, menurut makmal Switzerland yang menjalankan ujian itu, semalam.

"Terdapat dua siri ujian yang perlu dijalankan. Siri pertama telah selesai dan sekarang ini ujian kedua pula akan dilakukan.


Israeli forces fire tear gas, stun grenades at journalists

RAMALLAH, 7 Mar 2013 - Israeli forces on Thursday fired tear gas and stun grenades at journalists covering a sit-in protest outside Ofer prison near Ramallah.

Dozens of protesters held a sit-in outside the detention center to demand the release of prisoners on hunger strike.


Egypt's tunnel closures hit Gaza builders

GAZA, 7 Mar 2013 (Reuters) - Business was booming for Gaza brick-maker Yasser Qreqea, until neighboring Egypt shut down smuggling tunnels across its border that were funneling arms to militants in the territory and cement and other basic goods to everyone else.

Overnight the price of building materials soared in the Gaza Strip, hitting Qreqea's key customers and, industry sources said, slowing the construction of apartments, roads and houses across the enclave run by Hamas.

"Business is dead and we are the ones losing out," the businessman told Reuters in his factory in the densely-populated Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

Chavez remembered in Gaza vigil

GAZA, 7 Mar 2013 - Hugo Chavez, you will remain in our hearts. This is the message conveyed by Palestinians from all walks of life in the Gaza Strip as they expressed their sorrow and solidarity with the Venezuelan President who died this week. He supported the Arabs and Palestinian cause and took a "firm and heroic" stance on the issue.

Palestinians expressed their grief and held a vigil in Unknown Soldier's Square in the centre of Gaza City when they heard the news of Chavez's death.

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