Palestinians march in Jerusalem to counter provocative settler procession

JERUSALEM, 9 May 2013 - Hundreds of Palestinians marched Wednesday in occupied Jerusalem, carrying Palestinians flags and chanting slogans for the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem, to counter a provocative procession by extremist settlers who marched in the city chanting “Death to Arabs”. The Police attacked protesters and reporters, and kidnapped 21 Palestinians.

Settler Wearing Shirt Symbolizing The Demolishing Of the
Dome Of The Rock – Image Mohammad Qazzaz


Haniyeh grants passport to influential cleric in Gaza visit

GAZA CITY, 9 May 2013 - The prime minister of the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip granted influential Muslim cleric Yousef al-Qardawi Palestinian nationality and a diplomatic passport on Wednesday.

Al-Qaradawi led a delegation of 50 clerics from 14 countries and was greeted by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

Haniyeh, in a welcome address, said it was "an honor for us to receive the sheikh of the Arab Spring on the soil of Palestine."


Israel tangguhkan penghapusan pos tentera yang tidak sah

RAMALLAH, 8 Mei 2013 -  Mahkamah Tinggi Israel menerima rayuan oleh rejim Israel berkaitan penangguhan penghapusan pos tentera yang tidak sah berdekatan bandar Tebing Barat di Ramallah hingga Julai 2013. Mahkamah tersebut mulanya memutuskan bahawa pos tidak sah Amona yang dipasang oleh para pendatang di atas tanah milik peribadi Palestin mesti dihapuskan pada 30 April.


Palestinian Christians urge pope to oppose wall

JERUSALEM, 29 Apr 2013 (AFP) - Palestinian Christians near Bethlehem on Monday urged Pope Francis to speak up against an Israeli decision to build its controversial separation barrier on a route they say would cut off their community.

"We cry to your Holiness with a feeling of despair and urgency in order to keep alive our hope that justice and peace is still possible," said an open letter from the Christians of Beit Jala, a town near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.


Rejim Zionis bedil pangkalan Hamas

GENTING GAZA, 29 Apr 2013 - Tentera rejim Zionis, semalam melancarkan serangan udara ke atas pangkalan Hamas di Rafah yang kononnya sebagai tindak balas terhadap roket dilancarkan ke selatan Israel, kelmarin.

Dipetik AP, Barisan Demokratik bagi Pembebasan Palestin (DFLP) mengesahkan tiada kematian atau mangsa cedera akibat serangan itu.


Turkey PM says will go to Gaza despite US delay call

ANKARA, 23 Apr 2013 (AFP) - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday said he would go ahead with a scheduled trip to the Gaza Strip in May despite US calls to delay the visit.

"There is no question of delaying this trip," Erdogan said on Turkish television. Washington had urged Erdogan to postpone visiting the impoverished Palestinian territory, saying it would be a "distraction" from US efforts to revive the moribund Middle East peace process.


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