Palestinian activists put banners inviting Israelis to peace

16 Jul 2013 - A number of Palestinian activists put banners and signs on the main entrances of several Palestinian cities calling for peace with the Israeli citizens.


The banners also included a message to the Israeli occupation army not to enter Palestinian civil areas due to its aggression and violations against the Palestinian people; as the Israeli occupation army invades Palestinian cities and villages, and arrests the residents.

The big banners were placed on cement stones belonging to the Israeli Army on the main entrances of the Palestinian cities and included an invitation to the Israeli citizens to enter the Palestinian territories as guests without fear or hesitation, and to refuse to be an "enemy".


Journalists union says Egypt media inciting against Palestinians

RAMALLAH, 15 Jul 2013 - The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate on Monday warned of an ongoing "crackdown" against Palestinians by some Egyptian media outlets.

The syndicate said some Egyptian journalists were inciting against the Palestinians as a people, and not just those who live in Egypt.


Mossad agents detained Gaza man in Sinai

BETHLEHEM, 13 Jul 2013 - Israeli Mossad agents detained a Palestinian in Egypt's Sinai in June, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

An Israeli judge cleared news of the arrest for publication on Wednesday and said Wael Abu Rida, from Gaza. He was detained on suspicion of "offenses of national security," the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

A magistrates' court in Beersheba on Wednesday extended Abu Rida's remand by eight days, the report said.


Hamas denounces Egypt violence

GAZA CITY, 8 Jul 2013 -  Hamas on Monday denounced an attack against supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi.

The Islamic movement expressed deep sadness and pain for the victims, Hamas official Ezzat al-Risheq wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that Hamas sent its condolences to the victims' families.

At least 42 people were killed during the attack on supporters of Mursi outside an elite army base in Cairo, a senior medical official said.


Gaza pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia due to Egypt unrest

GAZA CITY, 7 Jul 2013 - Hundreds of Palestinian pilgrims are stranded in Saudi Arabia due to unrest in Egypt, a transport company official said Sunday.

Some 900 pilgrims from the Gaza Strip were due to return home on Wednesday, but could not travel due to turmoil in Egypt. The Egyptian army overthrew President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday after millions of protesters rallied to demand the Islamist leader quit.

Awad Abu Mathkour, head of transport companies that organize Hajj pilgrimages, said Palestinian pilgrims could not fly to El-Arish airport or travel from the airport to the Rafah crossing on the Gaza border as unrest made the journey unsafe.


Lieberman: If I were Israel's president I would occupy Gaza

RAMALLAH, 7 Jul 2013 - London-based newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat quoted its correspondent from Ramallah as saying that the head of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, Avigdor Lieberman, who is also the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu party and an ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called for the occupation of the Gaza Strip without delay. Lieberman also stated that that if he were the prime minister, he would order the conquest of the Gaza Strip.

Lieberman said in a radio interview that "the dubious quiet" in Gaza is being used by Hamas to build up its powers. He said there is a link between the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the activity taking place between Sinai and Gaza, adding that he has no doubt that the jihadist elements in the Sinai Peninsula will try to exploit the situation to undermine Israel's security.

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